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    Campaign (15 Aug 2018)

    Bud Light "Wizard" by Wieden & Kennedy

    BUD LIGHT has released a new ad which continues its 'Dilly dilly' work. Created by WIEDEN & KENNEDY, the 30-second spots sees a wizard presented to the King who demonstrates how, with a wave of his wand, he can transform objects into crates of Bud Light. The wizard proclaims that he has a range of other spells, including cursing the King's enemies or making him immortal, but the King just wants to see more of the Bud Light stunt. The ad ends with onlookers raising their beer bottles and saying 'Dilly dilly!'.

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    Campaign (14 Aug 2018)

    Dele Dele! Bud Light replaces Carlsberg as official beer of England football team

    BUD LIGHT has secured a deal to be the official beer of the England football team. It replaces CARLSBERG. Bud Light was only launched in the UK last year but has already yielded significant successes for AB InBev. It is the best selling beer in the US and allowed the drinks giant to secure Budweiser a place as the second biggest beer brand.

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