Who We Are

ALF is an online business development tool for companies seeking to target the biggest advertising spenders in the UK.

ALF researches the decision makers at the top 6,000 advertisers in the UK, along with their 17,000 associated brands, who collectively spend over £11 billion a year on advertising.

We link agencies to brands and advertisers to build a complete web of advertising and marketing spend decision makers in the UK.

Here are some key facts about the service:

  • ALF lists 35,085 contacts at 17,909 brands and 6000 parent companies
  • It includes 934 agencies that service those brands
  • We publish around 20,000 contact and job changes every month
  • 60% of staffing appointments are exclusive to ALF at point of publication
  • We have a team of 18 full-time researchers
  • We spend an average of 50 hours every week quality controlling the data
  • We research 31 trade and consumer press sources to deliver a daily news service
  • Nine out of the top ten agencies in the UK buy ALF

ALF – up to date, accurate and comprehensive

ALF is an invaluable resource that saves me time when trying to find out who looks after specific accounts with in the media buying agencies.

Justin Viljoen, RBI