How We Gather Our Data

Creating and maintaining a database of over 35,000 contacts across marketing and advertising isn’t easy.

ALF has a 18-strong research team dedicated to ensuring that our data is always kept up to date in order to give our clients the best possible service.

We painstakingly work with people and organisations, following a strict and regular timetable, to build accurate, comprehensive and up to date information to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

We also monitor social media and 31 trade press publications (so you don’t have to) to gather real time changes in the data. And every single trade press story that we publish is independently researched before the data is updated and the story published in ALF. So you can be sure of 100% accuracy.

ALF’s relationship with Nielsen means that we get advertising spend information and then we correctly attribute that spend to each brand and advertiser on ALF. Every quarter, we carefully match the spend data of over 18,000 brands.

An evolving landscape

The media landscape is constantly evolving. People move jobs, advertisers move agencies, agency contacts change brands. When you subscribe to ALF, you can rely on us to keep on top of these changes so that we can be your one source of information on the UK marketing and advertising market.
In the average week, we make over 12,000 updates to ALF including over 4,000 job changes and over 5,000 brand changes. 60% of the appointments we uncover are exclusive to us.

Quality is assured

To ensure that the information is accurate, we check all emails for bounce backs and all third-party information is verified directly with the subject.
We prioritise the most popular profiles on the database which are updated on a 9-week cycle. In addition, if clients find any inaccuracies we aim to fix these within 24 hours of being reported to us.

What does this mean for you?

Accurate and clean data means you'll have fewer bouncebacks and the ability to send marketing emails with confidence and a stronger, more personalised message.
On the sales side, you'll be able to access more insight on your potential prospects, with the ability to see all their connections in one place.
We pride ourselves on our data. All you need to worry about is how you use it!

ALF constantly surprises me with the accuracy of the information it can provide. ALF has proved fruitful in helping us source great contacts that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Rob Hunt, Head of Creative Solutions, N&S plus