We are continually updating ALF to ensure we are providing our clients with the best possible service. Below is a timeline detailing the features and functionality we have added over time.

October 2019

  • ALF recommends leads that we think might be of interest for you based on your preferences from the Hot Leads Settings page.
  • You can see the top profiles suited to you and the reasons for us choosing these updated hourly on your dashboard.

January 2019

  • Sectoral trade press publications researched increases from 26 to 31. Providing more news and deeper knowledge on the top 6000 advertisers.
  • You'll find more news on people moves, accounts & pitches, brands and campaigns easily accessible in one place. 

December 2018

  • Weekly newsletter revamped. Wednesday's weekly newsletter covers all the vital articles from the past seven days from brand news, account wins and campaign news.
  • Summarising all the updates and changes made on ALF with the past week in a more digestible format. 

May 2018

  • New ALF recommendations engine intuitively recommend contacts, advertisers, brands or agencies that are relevant for you to prospect. 
  • ALF recommendations can be easily added to your leads list for you to begin your sales pitch for your next big deal. 

April 2018

  • ALF API launched to fully integrates with any CRM system. Keeping your data accurate, up-to-date and GDPR compliant.

January 2018

  • New review, pitches and account wins report published. Reporting on activity in the trade press over the last 3 month.
  • Listing advertisers with a spend ranking within the top 6000, along with incumbent agencies that are under review. 

November 2017

  • ALF announces its GDPR policy. Providing subscribers with early assurance that ALF's data is safe to use.

September 2017

  • New job move report lists all job moves sourced via our own research or in the trade press in the last month.
  • All moves reported in this report will have taken place less than two months before they were uncovered.

May 2017

  • Salesforce integration becomes available to help you find key contacts on ALF and add them seamlessly to your CRM and manage prospects in your pipeline. 

April 2017

  • Newsletter becomes a daily feature keeping clients up to date with industry news and new opportunities from 25 different trade press sources
  • Video added to the marketing site giving potential clients a clearer picture of the service ALF provides.

March 2017

  • Ecommerce created as a searchable job function allowing a wider scope of decision makers at brand level.

December 2016

  • Agency Trade Desks added to better reflect the media eco system and add additional prospect data for digital related clients.

November 2016

  • ALF Chrome extension developed allowing clients to access ALF from other sources for quicker targeting.
  • Restructure in research cycle means higher spending advertisers and their agencies are researched more frequently. The top 1,000 advertisers and their agencies now reflects a 9 -12 week cycle. Frequent research ensures our data is the most accurate on the market helping our clients to win more business with ALF.

October 2016

  • Reports section added to ALF offering additional insight and analysis for clients to assist with targeting and strategy.

August 2016

  • New pricing structure introduced to new clients to reflect changes in services and allow more clients to have access to exportable versions. 

July 2016

  • ALF redesign / Relaunch of product. Changes resulted in product revamp allowing clients to target more effectively. Introduction of new daily round up in news and improved functionality.
  • Social media profiles added to Advertisers, Brands, Agencies and contacts allowing clients to verify information, review digital presence and open new communication channels with individuals to sell more effectively.

June 2016

  • Trade Press improvements including links to original articles added to the service. Allows clients to get more insight through 21 trade press sources (since risen to 25) to target more effectively and stay up to date with industry news.
  • Agency penetration increased by 30% (200 agencies added to ALF from PR, Digital, Content, Social and mobile areas). Clients can now understand and target a larger number of agencies and more brand and agency relationships identified.
  • Social Media Marketing, Programmatic and Customer Insight job functions added and researched to identify additional marketing decision makers for our clients. As part of the project, existing functions such as marketing procurement, Digital advertising, Digital strategy, Mobile marketing and Content marketing were improved resulting in better penetration.

April 2016

  • Introduction of email alerts allowing both Connect and Intelligence clients to receive alerts on key prospects, advertisers and agencies. Functionality allows clients to stay up to date with trade press sources and job changes to identify new opportunities.
  • Automatic renewal clauses abolished for existing clients and new account management team built to provide clients with additional support.

February 2016

  • Introduction of Prospect lists allowing both Connect and Intelligence clients to build targeted lists of prospects with the ability to edit and update saved lists. Clients with ALF intelligence can build more targeted email campaigns and clients can use the service to build key hit lists to drive new sales.

May 2015 

  • First ALF redesign allows more freedom for clients to search across advertisers and agencies to target prospects more effectively.
  • Quarterly spend trends provided – ALF provides a visual spend trend on advertisers and brands to allow clients to predict future spending habits and target prospects at the right time.


  • Nielsen spend on ALF moves from annual to quarterly allowing clients to better understand prospects spending patterns and target more effectively.
The system is a dream. The team use it daily and it gives us everything we need.

Rosalyn Carmoody | Brand & Deliver